Getting in the Game

It’s so easy to sit along the edge of the pool, dipping a toe in every so often, making all kinds of excuses about why the water isn’t exactly right. But, oh man, taking a running dive into the deep end, now that’s some scary shit. As I sit here about to launch Max & Me, to really send it out there for all the world to see, I can’t help but think back to the beginning of this journey.

Eleven years ago, when we discovered Max had an in-utero stroke before his little body had even entered this world, life felt pretty dark. Not knowing what was going to happen to my beautiful baby, freaking out over what his future might look like and struggling to remain grateful while my friends’ kids sailed through the various milestones…wow, was it tough. (I’m talking to you my fellow Superhero Parents; I know you get the struggle!) There were so many everyday things that I took for granted with my other boys that now became a challenge with Max. It was easy to commiserate with other Special Needs parents about the lack of products out there that would help make our kids’ lives easier. But taking that next step to actually do something about it was a real white knuckled exercise in faith over fear. I had to ignore the voice in my head that said, “Who are you to start a company?!” and instead embolden the quieter voice that whispered, “If not you, then who?!”

My original motivation for starting Max & Me

was to create cool products that would make life easier for kids like Max. As with most things though, the unforeseen gifts have been the most rewarding part: watching Max take ownership of this process and beam with self-worth as he tells people that he and his mom started a “sock” company makes me feel like Max & Me is already a giant success. What Max doesn’t yet realize however is that we are more than a sock company. Max & Me will create products that help make the extra challenging tasks just a little bit easier; the socks are just the start.

So, as I dive into the deep end and put my heart out there to either sink or swim, I am buoyed by the idea that at least I’m not still sitting along the edge of the pool. I hope you’ll join us on this journey, stick with us as we add more styles and products, tell us your stories, share Max & Me with your friends, and help support a company By a Mom Who Understands.

One thought on “Getting in the Game

  1. John Kastanes says:

    I had the pleasure of running into Max at his brother’s basketball game. Max was sitting at the highest row, as I walked up to he asked if I was going to sit there also which I did. I couldn’t help but notice his stockings and asked him about them. To my surprise his said “they are from my company. “ Max then walked down to where his mom was sitting and returned with a phone and gum, then showed me this website. Impressive!

    I can see Max is in good hands and thanks for the gum.

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